A.K. & Krista R. – San Pablo, CA

Our home transaction experience with Peter B. Baird began a few years ago with the purchase of our first home through him and his wife, Chris Baird. We were a young couple looking to start our lives together and upon our first interaction with Peter and Chris, we were blown away at how knowledgeable they were and how well they worked together, as every step along the way was detailed and clear. Not surprisingly, all went extremely smooth and both Peter’s real estate and Chris’ lending knowledge made the transaction worry free.

Fast-forward to two years later, we decided to sell our first starter home because we found the house of our dreams. Because of the type of person he is and the positive history that we had with him, we knew immediately that we wanted to work with Peter especially once we heard that he started his own real-estate company, Sell & Buy Smart. He clearly explained the home selling process, established a clear plan and once again made us feel extremely comfortable. We locked in our first buyer and everything was going well but Peter felt that something was happening with the foundation so just to be extra safe he ordered additional reports. Peter’s judgment was spot on as the inspector discovered a foundation issue with significant repairs required. The preventative cost alone made us feel helpless as our plans to move into our dream home rapidly disappearing. However, when the process seemed dismal, daunting and out of our control, Peter was the eternal optimist and reassured us that everything would work out. He took charge meeting with several different structural engineers and contractors until he determined a Win-Win solution. The end-result better than as we not only sold our home but with the Sell Smart program savings of over $7,000, we netted more money than we could’ve imagined.

From market analysis, THREE contract negotiations, and doing literally whatever it took to get both deals done, Peter was outstanding in terms of his ability to adapt and react under pressure to make it happen. Peter once said, a person’s true character is revealed during stressful situations. I can tell you that this sale was extremely stressful as what was expected to be a smooth and quick 1-2 month sale turned into an extremely, unexpected, bumpy 4 months. And, through it all, Peter kept his composure as it became clear to us that his primary goal was to do any and everything in his power to protect us and accomplish our goals no matter what. To say that Peter did an excellent work is a monumental understatement as we felt he treated us like an extension of his immediate family. He was 100% transparent and truthful, providing comfort when needed, giving logical advice to guide us to find the best option. Peter was there every step along the way, even showing up to the closing statement signing at the title company. Last but not least, the attentiveness and care that Peter provided was out of this world as we knew every step of the way that he only had our best interest at heart. My husband and I HIGHLY recommend this agent, and friend, for your next real estate transaction. Peter and his entire real estate team are truly the BEST in the Bay Area! You will not be disappointed!”