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Azar H.
 If you want the very best real estate representation with an agent that only has your best interest at heart, then look no further then Peter Baird of Sell & Buy Smart. Not only are his real estate knowledge and negotiation skills unparalleled, but most importantly I trust him. Even though we were competing against several other All-Cash offers, by taking Peter’s advice, I am now proud to be the new owner of my forever-home. I truly feel lucky to have had him as my real estate agent. I happily give him and the Sell & Buy Smart team my highest recommendation. Thanks a million, Peter! You are the greatest!  
Steven & Michelle V.
 Thank you Velvet Hammer, your real estate superpowers got me the best deal in the timeliest manner.

Dear Peter,

After our first meeting in which you explained in detail your plans and goals for the sale of our house, you never once made me doubt your sincerity and desire to give only the best service. What initially impressed me was your real estate knowledge, frequent updates and diligence in making sure the process moved on in a timely manner. However, what impressed me far and above was when things didn’t go right. As you know, we were already in contract to buy a newly constructed home. So when our initial buyer backed out of our home sale a few days before we reached the point of no return, our stress skyrocketed when the home builder threatened to cancel our contract if we didn’t close on the sale of our home on time. Without hesitation, you explained your plan to address the situation and executed it immediately. Within three days, you had the paperwork signed to terminate the previous contract, made sure the issues that caused the first deal to fall through were rectified, and had a new buyer in contract! We are often faced with problems that are beyond our control. The true measure of a person’s skill and experience is often shown when they are faced with adversity and they prevail. The house sold on a reduced closing schedule and well above asking price all due to your efforts. You continued to provide updates on a daily basis until the last day before we left the house. But even after all this, what makes this transaction extraordinary was the thousands of dollars in commission savings that enabled us to purchase the upgrades to the new home that otherwise we would have not been able to afford! The customer service we experienced was beyond exemplary. You truly have earned my respect and trust during the sale of the house. It would be my pleasure to recommend you as a real estate agent and speak to any potential clients who doubt the sincerity of this letter.  
David & Jane O.
 As a first time home buyer, I had no clue what I was doing nor where to start. I started by going to Redfin website and visiting the open houses without any agents. My fiance and I meet Peter at an Open House in Castro Valley and thank goodness there was Peter! He really took the time to educate us about what we should be expecting. HUGE TIP, Peter gives a 1% Credit back to the buyer to help with closing costs. Let me tell you, Peter and I have NEVER met each other after Open House, but we communicated over the phone and email almost every single day. Once we made an offer, which happened extremely quick (closed escrow in 2 weeks), Peter was there to guide us through each step of the process. In addition, Peter uses DocuSign which allowed us to sign our contract online, saving us time to focus on the next steps and receiving hard copies of the contract. As both my fiance and I are working during the day this made a huge difference to us in terms of not having to find the necessary time to arrange in-person meetings with Peter. Peter’s professional approach was the key to getting us into a winning bid for our current home. We were able to close the deal BELOW the listing price (which is hard to do in this Seller’s market). I would highly recommend Peter, and especially to those who are inexperienced in the competitive real estate market. He is insightful, kind, and takes the time to understand each of the houses he presents. I’ve learned so much about the real estate market through Peter, we highly recommend him. Thanks again Peter and Team!  
Martha L.
 Peter, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, although those words just do not fully express my appreciation for you! If anyone asks for a recommendation in the real estate field, you will be the first name I give them, along with a glowing review of your services. You did an absolutely amazing job. You went above and beyond to ensure success in the sale. There we so many twists and turns in dealing with this property, including dealing with outsiders. Your patience and professionalism shined and made my life so much easier! I could not have asked for a better conclusion and I will be forever grateful. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your help through this sale.  
Avi & F.
 “For many in real estate, getting a deal done is the goal. Peter has flat out told me to walk away from deals multiple times that he himself may have profited on. He is completely uncompromising about what he describes is his fiduciary responsibility. To call Peter a value add would be a gross understatement. Peter has again and again represented my interest completely independently of his own and I am in a much better position because of him. Peter has not only been instrumental in getting deals done but takes a very active role in crafting the investment, the terms, the timing, and strategy. If you don’t make money with Peter, you probably didn’t follow his advice. I hope to be doing deals with Peter for many years to come. He is as expert and smart as they come and has earned my trust many times over.” 
A.K. & Krista R.
 Our home transaction experience with Peter B. Baird began a few years ago with the purchase of our first home through him and his wife, Chris Baird. We were a young couple looking to start our lives together and upon our first interaction with Peter and Chris, we were blown away at how knowledgeable they were and how well they worked together, as every step along the way was detailed and clear. Not surprisingly, all went extremely smooth and both Peter’s real estate and Chris’ lending knowledge made the transaction worry free.

Fast-forward to two years later, we decided to sell our first starter home because we found the house of our dreams. Because of the type of person he is and the positive history that we had with him, we knew immediately that we wanted to work with Peter especially once we heard that he started his own real-estate company, Sell & Buy Smart. He clearly explained the home selling process, established a clear plan and once again made us feel extremely comfortable. We locked in our first buyer and everything was going well but Peter felt that something was happening with the foundation so just to be extra safe he ordered additional reports. Peter’s judgment was spot on as the inspector discovered a foundation issue with significant repairs required. The preventative cost alone made us feel helpless as our plans to move into our dream home rapidly disappearing. However, when the process seemed dismal, daunting and out of our control, Peter was the eternal optimist and reassured us that everything would work out. He took charge meeting with several different structural engineers and contractors until he determined a Win-Win solution. The end-result better than as we not only sold our home but with the Sell Smart program savings of over $7,000, we netted more money than we could’ve imagined.

From market analysis, THREE contract negotiations, and doing literally whatever it took to get both deals done, Peter was outstanding in terms of his ability to adapt and react under pressure to make it happen. Peter once said, a person’s true character is revealed during stressful situations. I can tell you that this sale was extremely stressful as what was expected to be a smooth and quick 1-2 month sale turned into an extremely, unexpected, bumpy 4 months. And, through it all, Peter kept his composure as it became clear to us that his primary goal was to do any and everything in his power to protect us and accomplish our goals no matter what. To say that Peter did an excellent work is a monumental understatement as we felt he treated us like an extension of his immediate family. He was 100% transparent and truthful, providing comfort when needed, giving logical advice to guide us to find the best option. Peter was there every step along the way, even showing up to the closing statement signing at the title company. Last but not least, the attentiveness and care that Peter provided was out of this world as we knew every step of the way that he only had our best interest at heart. My husband and I HIGHLY recommend this agent, and friend, for your next real estate transaction. Peter and his entire real estate team are truly the BEST in the Bay Area! You will not be disappointed! 
Ray A.
 Peter Baird is the musical director for East Bay Stand Down, a charity that serves U.S. Homeless Veterans. At one of the meetings, I asked Peter to advise me on a piece of real estate I was considering purchasing. It was a complex transaction but Peter thoroughly inspected the property for me and advised me how to purchase the property. His advice was invaluable and spot on. Peter is a rare Realtor that only has his client’s best interest at heart. I proudly recommended Peter and his Sell and Buy Smart program for all your real estate needs. 
Robert & Michelle D.
 “WOW! The name says it all! “Sell and Buy Smart”! I am not one to write reviews, but I was compelled to do so because of the extraordinary and exemplary experience my husband and I had with Sell and Buy Smart. My husband and I have bought and sold property in the past and have never had First Class experience such as this. We thought it was time to sell our investment property and decided to give Sell and Buy Smart a try. We are so glad we did. We could not have had a better experience or be in better hands all the way around. We put our property on the market, and within a couple of weeks we were signing closing documents. We sold our property, well above asking price! First off, Peter knows his stuff! He was knowledgeable with all his experience from the beginning to the end of our transaction. He guided us to what to do next and what to expect. If we had any questions, he answered them in layman terms so we knew exactly what was going on at each step of the transaction. He was kind and accurate with each step of the process. He was thorough with every deal. We honestly felt that he put us and our interest first at hand, yet he was fair and impartial. Making sure both party were on the same page. Though we knew Mr. Baird had many other clients, we felt that we were always number one on his list. What impressed us the most, in a day where everything is automated, if we left Peter a voice mail, he called us back immediately. That sold us right there! Our property closed without a hitch within 30 days. We took all his advice knowing he would guide us to our ultimate goal. We could not be happier with our experience with Peter Baird. We will definitely be using Sell and Buy Smart again!”  
Omar S.
 "Peter is the rare professional who combines expert knowledge of real estate with integrity and the genuine care and empathy of a trusted friend."

He guided me through every step of my recent home purchase, patiently explaining every facet of the transaction and providing me with the insight and confidence to make the best decisions.  Peter is very experienced and highly analytical - there is no aspect of real estate that he hasn't mastered.  He is also a gifted communicator and negotiator who can bring all parties together get a deal done.  Above all, Peter is a very ethical person who treats everyone with respect.  His extraordinary level of client service made me feel like a VIP. 
Leo & Wajma Z.
 “If you are ready to buy a house along with a good experience and not fall for the fear that most first time home buyers expect, then Buy and Sell Smart is the cream of the crop when it comes to buying your dream. How did we ever get so lucky to have found Peter as our representing agent for the purchase of our first home is beyond me? Peter and his team are like a well-oiled industrial strength machine! They are intelligent, wise, honest, and generous with their time and knowledge! They help us to understand in a very simple way what to expect and how to get our offer accepted. Before we were looking to buy a house we did some research and it almost seemed impossible to understand the real estate market and how we could purchase our first home. However, all of our fears, all of our doubts, all of our worries, were shut down once we spoke with Peter. Peter is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever come across. I felt like I was backed and supported by family more than just an agent we worked with. He was attentive, considerate, wise, experienced, and most generous person! He gave us all his attention and focus. He made time with our hectic schedule to see homes and answers his phone when we called! He was quick to write the offer and worked so well with the seller’s agent that if it was not for Peter, we would have potentially lost our dream home. He made sure we got the best house in the best neighborhood to raise our girls. My girls call him Uncle Peter, that’s how much of an impact he made in our life. I cannot rave about Peter and his team enough. It is because of Peter I am able to live in my dream home so that I can raise my family in. I hope these words did justice for what is truly in my heart. There are no words to explain my appreciation for him.”  
Candace B.
 As a first-time home buyer, the process of looking at homes, understanding my budget options, and financing a purchase was daunting. Cut to Peter and Chris, who were nothing short of life-savers! From meeting with us on short notice after work hours, to answering my scattered emails with detailed responses in minutes, to breaking complicated legal documents down into manageable chunks of information, they impressed me daily with their responsiveness and knowledge. They are clearly passionate about real estate and helping people navigate it, in addition to patient and generous with time and information. Not sure where I would be without these two... But probably not a home owner! 
Lupe & Ezekiel
 “It’s been our dream to own a home, and we have been talking about buying for years. I’ve had experience before in home buying when accompanying my father so I had somewhat of an idea of what things to expect. When we finally decided to put our thoughts into actions I consulted my brother for some good references. That same day Peter B. Baird called. Peter was so kind over the phone and very knowledgeable about all things real estate. He not only explained in detail the process of how first time buyers need to do in order to be successful in this competitive market but how he was very different from traditional Realtors. You should know I can be very selective about my relationships with people as I don’t easily put my trust in just anyone. Peter always made sure all our questions were answered and that we were comfortable at every step of the process. Peter went so above and beyond that he quickly earned our trust that he started to become a close friend because we knew he had our backs. We are so happy with our experience with Peter and his wonderful team with Sell and Buy Smart. Whenever I hear people speaking about buying or selling a home right away I recommend Peter and Sell and Buy Smart. Peter was so patient and so personable; he was so easy to get along with and unbelievably smart with all things real estate as he made the complex very simple. Peter actually truly cares about his clients. We can definitely attest to that as we are now living in our dream home thanks to him and Sell & Buy Smart.” 
Peter H.
 I now have bought two homes with Peter and working with him is a fantastically collaborative experience. His goal is to provide the best information he can to helps you to make the best decision to reach your real estate goals. As someone who does his own research, I frequently came to Peter with ideas and his advice was always insightful, honest and most importantly accurate. I thought I knew a lot about real estate but learned so much that I was very confident we had reached a great solution. I highly recommend his services.